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Fleet Branding at EP Cowens - Vehicle Vinyl Graphics That Make An Impact

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Here at EP Cowens, we can handle complete full vehicle wrapping all in-house.

From fleet branding and graphics to one-off cars and vans, we’ve got your needs covered.

We built a separate area to make sure everything is clean and clear, and under the name ‘Autowrap Centre’ we set to work.

We’ve wrapped sports cars, race cars, campervans and builder’s vans. In fact, whatever you’ve got, we’ve probably wrapped something similar!

Company Vehicle Graphics & Livery

We know that when you’re looking to update the livery of your fleet you need a company that can take over the details.

From handling different vehicles through to making sure each van or car arrives (and leaves) on time, our production team will make sure you’re back on the road when your team needs to be.

We understand having vehicles off the road can cost you money and that's why we’ll closely plan alongside your team to minimise any disruption.

Once the vehicle enters our wrapping area, we start the complete clean down and begin to remove any accessories such as the plastic trim or badges.

If it's a full-colour print thats to be wrapped around your vehicle we’ll have already printed on specialist cast vinyl and laminated.

We’ve got HP latex printers for the hi-definition images. It uses eco-friendly inks that are designed to be super durable and long lasting.

If it's a corporate colour that's to be used, we’ll be applying one of our ranges of vehicle vinyls. We carry swatch books from all of the main suppliers so if you’re unsure as to what colour works the best for you, come down to our premises and we’ll run through the options.

We’ve had a lot of vehicles come to us to rectify issues from elsewhere. Vinyl not applied correctly or the wrong vinyl used surfaces not fully prepared even scratches to the bodywork.

It's just as important to prepare the vehicle before anything is applied as the wrapping itself. If the panels aren’t clean or full of blemishes, no vinyl will hide problems underneath.

We only use knifeless tape when wrapping vehicles. It's a 3M product so we know its worth the extra cost.

Its applied to the body panels under the vinyl and is pulled through to cut the vinyl without the use of any scalpel or blade. By keeping knives away from the bodywork it means there is zero chance of anything getting scratched.

Knifeless tape can be used around wing mirrors, door frames, bumper parts or anywhere that needs an intricate cutline.

It may be slightly more time consuming than hacking at the vinyl with a knife but that's not the point. Making sure your vehicles return to you as you’d expect them to is our number one priority.

We can also work alongside accident repair companies. If you need an approved vinyl installer to replace accident damaged graphics, get in touch.

Reflective options include standard engineering grades all the way to specialist emergency services variations. If your vehicles need to be seen, not all reflective are the same - talk to us to make sure your vehicles comply with all safety and highway legislation.

Changing Your Brand Identity?

Our project team can ensure that any change in branding can be rolled out across all your company without any vehicle downtime.

We know its important to keep a unified appearance, especially on the roads. With new and older vehicles all requiring the rebrand and a custom change of livery, we’ll get them moved over to their new look on time and on budget.

Your vehicle is a valuable but sometimes neglected advertising tool. Together we can make it stand out from the rest of the traffic.

For more information on fleet branding and corporate vehicle livery, contact one of the team on or 0151 647 8081

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