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DI-NOC is a revolutionary self-adhesive film which offers the perfect solution for refurbishments and interior design projects. A simple and quick solution to refresh the look of fixtures and fittings with a wide range of finishes such as wood, concrete, textile and much more.

DI-NOC can be used across almost any industry including hospitals, schools, offices and restaurants to either upgrade or refresh the premises or for a new build project. It can also be easily removed by approved installers too giving you the option change the look of your premises with ease whilst protecting the original finish underneath. With its flexible, bubble free properties, installation is quick and clean meaning your business can carry on without disruptions.

Design budgets can be tight as well as potential planning regulations but with DI-NOC being a cost effective and non-permanent option, saving on purchasing new surfaces or waiting for lengthy planning permissions could make a substantial difference in the overall costs of your refurbishment project.

Whilst the film is cost effective in a way of upgrading the look of your current fittings, it is also allowing for minimal intrusion for your business. Conventional options such as waiting for new furniture to be delivered and built, painting walls or ceilings etc can cause a disruption to the workplace by creating smells, noise when using machinery and potentially a need to close the business whilst work is being carried out to comply with safety regulations. DI-NOC can be installed cleanly and quietly without the need to disturb staff or customers.

DI-NOC is also an environmentally friendly solution as up-cycling interiors stops unnecessary waste going to landfill.

There are over 1,000 different patterns and colours to choose from as well as textures and finishes meaning the choice is endless. The film has abrasion resistance and exterior safe options too meaning your design doesn’t have to stop indoors.

As much as DI-NOC is great for having the freedom to remove and change to another pattern/colour, it also stands the test of time meaning it can be kept for years to come. One of the biggest benefits of the film is that it is UV resistant meaning the product will look just as good in the future years as it did the day it was installed. Surfaces can fade over time due to sun exposure, but this is not something to worry about when choosing DI-NOC.

The strong and durable film is ahead of its competition having 4 times more resistance to scratching over surfaces such as counters and tables meaning the fittings can be used for longer. Not only is it scratch resistant, but it is also stain and chemical resistant too.

Lastly, DI-NOC is fire tested and approved giving you that extra peace of mind for your business.

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