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Utility Signs Individually Produced For Every Purpose

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Utility signage covers signs and way finding solutions for industries such as:

• Water

• Electricity

• Drainage

• Highways

Here at EP Cowens, we know that not only do they have to be produced to a legal specification - legible from distance, correct wording etc - they can also still be highly individual or personalised.

Each sign can be manufactured with a company logo or event. Each can be numbered or marked for easy reference and security.

Printed as one offs or as batches of a design, we can print them site specific or work relevant.

After printing we can also rout them out to any shape. If they need to be custom produced to fit certain stands or systems, we can manufacture to fit.

Events may require utility signage that has to stand out or fit a theme. Using our AXYZ router, to create custom shapes, we can manufacture signage that works within your scheme.

Our full colour digital print creates utility signs that will match your corporate colours if necessary. We can also adhere to colour coded traffic or highway guidelines.

Reflective - we can source any engineering grade reflective or other types to ensure you comply with any legal requirements.

Different scenarios need different reflective shapes and colours.

From experience, we can make sure you have the right reflective signage for your scenario.

Different types of reflective media for utility signage:

Engineer grade- this is the standard reflective sign media and the most commonly used.

High Intensity Grade Reflective -offers greater reflectivity, especially when approached at an angle. This media uses cube-corner or prismatic material and is the most common material for Stop signs and road signage.

Diamond Grade Reflective -This is the brightest and most durable type of reflective. Also prismatic, it offers the highest visibility when approached from an angle.

Standard Utility Signage

Even though we can produce bespoke signs incorporating logos and information, we also manufacture more standard signage.

Health and safety signs such as No Smoking, Entry signs and way point navigation are all produced in house and we can scale and size to cover any requirement.

We also have the space to hold stocks of often required items and can ship to different sites as they are called off by your team.

Why keep stock when we can manage your signs from a central store? Print and production through to facilities management all available from EP Cowens.

Our Vutek UV printer and HP Latex manufactures most signage but we also employ a CAD plotter for when plotter vinyl is the more efficient option.

Similar to how we produce fleet graphics, we can cut out and apply vinyl letting to any signage if it proves to be more effective.

This is especially useful when the letters need to be highly visible or if a non-printable substrate is to be used.

Whichever way we manufacture your utility signage, they are all guaranteed to be highly durable, to the correct specifications and be long lasting.

All our signs are UV and weather resistant meaning their message will stay looking sharp for longer and less chance of needing to be replaced in the short term.

Get in touch if you have a specific utility signage requirement or project on 0151 647 8081 or

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