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Sign Letters Direct From EP Cowens

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

There are many names for sign letters - built up letters, 3D letters and channel letters being just a few of the more popular.

With so many names for them, its not surprising that you’ll need a supplier with a bit of the knowhow when it comes to manufacturing them.

Here at Cowens, we’ve got the knowledge plus the equipment to get your channel letters produced to the high specification your brand deserves.

We can guide you through the choices of form, style and finish to make sure your signage really stands out.

Automatic Letter Bending For Sign Letters Available From EP Cowens Signage Specialists In Birkenhead

If you’re looking at 3D letters then we know you’ve got an eye for something different. Instead of a standard flat sign, you’re premises requires something more unique. Our creative team will make sure your vision can come to life in our factory.

Talking about our factory, many companies that offer sign letters have to source them from trade suppliers and there are always extra costs when purchasing through a middle-man.

Image of EP Cowens Manufacturing Premises Based In Birkenhead In The North West UK

We design and create all in-house here in Birkenhead so you’re buying direct from the people who manufacture and you’re welcome to call and speak to the engineers who make them.

One conversation to see whats possible with 3D lettering before it moves in to production.

How Sign Letters Are Produced

Some letter manufacturers still bend the letters by hand.

Great for one-offs where time (and cost) is not an issue, but for more than single letters, it is just not cost effective.

We invested in an Automatic Letter Bender channel letter bending machine. Its a sturdy piece of kit, built to last and fully computer controlled.

It also takes around 5 minutes to produce a letter that would have taken 45 minutes to produce manually.

Unlike with hand bending, the Auto Letter Bender’s 1000th letter will be exactly the same as the first.

Consistent replicable sign letters every-time.

First, our automatic machine creates the flange that will connect to the sign tray or the letter fascia. It produces notches along making sure that when it folds, the flange ‘rolls’ without any creasing or rippling.

The metal is then pushed through rollers to form the shape of the letter.

Image showing EP Cowens Automatic Sign Letter Bender for Manufacturing Signage and Channel Letters

Its reliable, time-proven and fast - exactly what’s needed when your project demands precision engineering.

Running alongside our automatic channel letter bender we have a flatbed router and cutting table.

If your signage needs aluminium, Perspex or any other rigid substrate and it needs it precision trimmed, our flatbed cutting table will convert it simply and quickly.

Change Your Sign Letters from Tube Lighting to LEDs

One of the benefits of 3D letters is their ability to be illuminated.

Especially useful in the darker months, illuminated sign letters enable your premises to be seen at all times.

Even when the sun drops, your building will be easily spotted by visitors and potential customers alike.

Illuminated signage also lends a classic, sophisticated look to a company signage. From early neon and Las Vegas street sides, there is something dramatic about lit letters and logos.

Image showing the manufacturing of sign letters all in-house at EP Cowens Birkenhead

Our creative team can help create something special with metal letters plus with full digital print, we can add other visual elements to your signage. Together, a bit of imagination can make sure you really stand out against the skyline.

With illuminated signs we often get asked about the costs to keep them on and running.

Here, our experience can really pay off.

If you’ve already got channel letters and looking to upgrade or replace, talk to us about changing over from tube lighting to our new range of LEDs.

The cost saving can be considerable and we can work out exactly what will be kept in your wallet should you move over to LEDs.

Image of a metal channel letter being manufactured in house at EP Cowens Birkenhead

No other sign company can help out with all our experience in sign letters (including complete design and manufacture in-house) plus offer a full tube to LED audit.

If you think you’re paying too much for the energy to light up your sign letters, or you’re here looking for new channel letters, give us a call on 0151 647 8081 or email on

One of our team will be happy to get you on track with the cost savings moving over to LEDs can give.

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