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UV Flatbed Printing Service - From Internal Point of Sale to External Signs & More

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

As the perfect combination sitting alongside our CNC routing machine, our EFI UV flatbed printer handles all the graphic work for boards that need to be printed.

Substrates that will either stay as flat sheets or are to be fabricated by routing and cutting for signs and displays all go through our production flatbed.

Image showing the metres per hour speed of the  UV flatbed printer used by EP Cowens for signage and display manufacture from their factory in Birkenhead

Whilst we have a number of rollfed printers here at EP Cowens, (and I’ll write posts on what they get up to later), the flatbed lends itself as you’d expect to flat boards and sheet media.

It's right at home printing board, after board, after board with incredible accuracy and with superb colour consistency.

Flatbed print technology has been around for a good while now, (this is our second machine), and has grown to be a perfect addition to the ever growing sign manufacturers' arsenal.

Having a production flatbed UV printer has meant that we are able to print directly onto sheets rather than the previous way of printing self-adhesive roll vinyl then over applying it to the board. This change of manufacturing has enabled us to achieve lower costs and greatly increase throughput.

Image showing the media thickness capabilities of the HS1625 flatbed printer used by EP Cowens for their trade and commercial UV flatbed printing service

Our H1625 can handle sheet sizes of up to 1650mm wide and virtually any length. It’ll also print onto flexible substrates but the latex printers we’ve got usually covers those needs. Nice to have the capacity, though!

Efficient & Eco-friendly UV Flatbed Printing

Being eco-conscious is always at the forefront of our minds here at EP Cowens.

Thankfully, the H1625 uses LED technology instead of the old style bulbs.

This enables the start up time to be virtually instant. No pre-warming up of the bulbs is needed. It also means that the bulbs can turn on and off when it reaches parts of the substrate that doesn’t need curing.

All these little benefits add up to help save us (and you) cost.

Fast, incredibly accurate and energy efficient too! Is there anything this machine cant do?!

As for the range of media that it can print onto, it's never let us down with any substrate that we've fed into it.

From MDF to acrylics, foam PVC to aluminium composite.

Depending on your requirement and if it needs print, the EFI is up to the job.

Correx estate agent signs? No problem.

Dibond sheets for flat signs? Quickly turned around and it’ll produce exactly what’s needed.

Image showing the UV flatbed HS1625 used by EP Cowens for all commercial and trade flatbed printing

As well as all the external signs for a business, we also print and supply the internal point of sale for many local and national companies.

The EFI flatbed printer makes creating free standing display units a simple task.

The print software (and our experienced team) will produce the artwork to fit the boards - corrugated cardboard or something more innovative like the new Dispa board, Xanita or Reboard - and run the sheets the project needs.

From there we move the printed boards over to the router and the cut paths are followed and trimmed away manufacturing the final product. We then either put them together before shipping or send them out securely flat packed on a pallet. Job done.

The main advantage of having both pieces of equipment under one roof is in the time saved of moving the material from one machine to the other. It's all in-house. No need to print then send out to be cut, routed and finished.

We can have a turnaround in hours, not days.

This should have given you an insight into our EFI H1625 and how it comes in mighty handy within our print and signage workflow.

Whether you’re looking for UV flatbed printing near Birkenhead and Liverpool, the Northwest or if you’re from further afield within the UK and beyond, we’ve got all the facilities in-house to get you up and running.

If you need to know more or have a specific requirement, get in touch with the team at 0151 647 8081 or

Looking for more product inspiration? Try our post on our newest piece of kit - our channel sign letter bending service - and thank-you for reading.

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