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Digitally Printed Wallpapers For Costa Coffee, Kaspa & More.

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Digitally printable wall coverings and wall murals are fast becoming the number one way that retail and leisure premises market their message across internal walls.

We used digital wallpapers in recent complete refurbishments at both Kaspa and Costa Coffee.

Capable of either producing one-off wall murals or to keep a unified look between stores, the practical options for digital wallpapers are both varied and innovative.

In this post we look at the different options in digital wall coverings and which should be used for where.

There are three main alternatives when it comes to the application of digital wallpapers:

• Paste the paper

• Paste the wall

• Self-adhesive

All three of these variants use the same type of PVC face layer. The PVC helps the ink key to the media and provides a solid base for a water and scratch resistant print.

They will also be available in both smooth and textured finishes.

We usually recommend a smooth finish if the final use is a brand message or detailed wall mural and a textured version if a more ‘wallpaper’ type design is required.

Traditional wallpapers have always been ‘paste the paper’.

Out would come the pasting table, strips cut to length, and paste brushed all over the back of the wallpaper.

This type of product is then left to ‘book’ for a few minutes - this is the process of allowing the paste to be absorbed into the back of the paper - and then applied to the wall.

This is still the same process with the digital paper backed ‘paste the paper’ products.

These are usually the more economical variations of media for digital wallpapers being more suitable for low traffic areas and simply designed wall murals.

The paper backed products are normally lighter in weight than the other alternatives and being paper backed, they can tear more easily than heavier weighted fabric backed grades.

The ‘paste the wall’ products have a fabric back instead of a paper liner. It means they are stronger, more durable and have a premium, more commercial feel.

They’ll have the same smooth and textured options as the paper backed product and to look at will appear no different once installed, but they are much more suitable for heavier traffic areas such as restaurants or work areas.

As the name suggests, this media is installed by using ready mixed ‘paste the wall’ adhesive that’s applied with a roller one panel at a time.

It’s not too long ago that ‘paste the wall’ wallpaper was only used in digital wallpaper installations, but now take a look around B&Q and you’ll see more of the ‘domestic' grades also using this process.

The last version we use depending on the fit-out, is a self-adhesive version.

We find with our background in applying large vinyl graphics that we can efficiently use a self-adhesive product to quickly cover a large area.

It gives us options in both overlap and with butt joining trimmed panels and the product we use also has an opaque back to drastically reduce any show through from marks on the wall underneath.

When we do use pastable wallpapers it’s usually because of the available variations with pastes.

There are specific pastes for walls that have been pre-painted, need priming due to new plaster, rough surfaces and everything in between. In can sometimes be a minefield when surface prep isn’t fully known - if you’re unsure as to which to use, get in touch and we’ll help you find the right option.

The same know-how is important with which type of wallcovering is the most suitable for your project.

When you need to get it right first time, talk to us to eliminate any trial and error.

As you can see from the images below, we’ve completed wallpaper work for Costa Coffee amongst others, so we are well prepared to tackle any tricky installation you need covering.

With the Costa fit-out we also created canvas wall art, framed prints plus wall stencils to compliment the overall retail theme.

All produced in-house and all finished to a short deadline to keep to store re-openings.

Digital wallpapers, canvas prints, interior graphics, all printed and manufactured here in Birkenhead and all installed nationwide.

And that's before we even show you what we produced for outside!

Now that’s for another post…

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